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Apple advertises iPhone XR with more buffalo battery than JennyPhuong Technology

Recently Apple has released a new unique ad for the iPhone XR, taking long battery life as the main highlight and promising “you will be exhausted before the battery runs out”.

Specifically, the ad was posted on YouTube titled “Up Late”, using the song Julie Andrews “Stay Awake” to promote the iPhone XR equipped with a large capacity battery. The video also mentions “The iPhone XR is the longest battery-life iPhone ever,” adding that “you will be exhausted before the phone runs out of battery.”

During the launch of the iPhone XS / XS Max and iPhone XR trio, Apple said the iPhone XR’s battery life even surpassed even the iPhone XS Max despite having a lower capacity battery. Compared to iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR is better than 1 hour of video playing or 2 hours of internet access.

“You will be exhausted before the battery runs out.”

This is because the iPhone XR uses a smaller screen and also has a lower resolution (1792 x 828 IPS LCD) compared to a resolution of 2436 x 1125 OLED on iPhone XS Max. So it’s not too difficult to understand when the iPhone XR has a better battery life, even though the iPhone XR’s battery is only 2942mAh, compared to the iPhone’s 3174mAh XS Max.

The iPhone XR even has a much cheaper price than the iPhone XS / XS Max duo. If you are a user focused on battery life, as well as not needing a high-resolution screen or dual camera, then the iPhone XR is really a reasonable choice because not only is it cheaper, but iPhone XR not being cut too much in performance, still meeting the needs of different light weight.

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