Apple prefers to fix Macbook keyboard errors to soothe users Tiepz808

Apple has repaired the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro keyboards in their stores and promises to quickly fix them as soon as possible.
If before, Apple often sent the machine to repair center will take quite a bit of time, now, the company has asked employees at the store to handle all the keyboard-related errors right at the store. . The necessary components are also quickly provided by Apple to ensure the repair process for customers in the best way.

This move by Apple is evaluated to appease users when the butterfly-wing keyboard on the Macbook repeatedly fails and is often unable to press even if there is only one particle of dust. Even Apple keyboard is very easy to be broken.

Apple even apologized and claimed these errors on their keyboards. To remove users, Apple even implemented MacBook keyboard repair programs for both out-of-warranty devices.

This move by Apple has received a lot of positive feedback however, this also caused significant impact on their business situation. Many users decided not to continue upgrading their Macbook until the company found a best solution for this model.

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