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How does Xiaomi’s smartphone sales “Mi Express Kiosk” work?

When it comes to vending machines, people will think of going out to buy snacks, drinks and other small things. However, Xiaomi wants to use vending machines to bring smartphones into the market.

Last week, the famous Chinese phone manufacturer launched “Mi Express Kiosk,” which allows selling smartphones and accessories of Xiaomi. Currently, it is present at Manyata Technology Park in Bengaluru, India.

Xiaomi calls “Mi Express Kiosk” a turning point in sales, although vending machines have been around since the 19th century. Electronic vending machines are no stranger, most is at the airport.

It seems that Xiaomi is trying to bring this new experience to consumers. Mi Express Kiosk is equipped with touch screen, accept cash payment, card and UPI mobile payment system of India.

Last year, Xiaomi also announced it would install vending machines in China. However, it seems that the Indian market is more interested in this method.

What guarantees the thief will not give Xiaomi’s sales machine a few hammers and take everything inside?

To ensure safety, Xiaomi puts Mi 360 camera on the roof as security camera. Therefore, they will be less worried when someone wants to take over Mi 9 or the inner Redmi Note 7.

However, Indians have another question for Xiaomi: During the time of operation (10 am – 8 pm), is there a customer support staff or not?

In addition, Xiaomi representative in India said, vending machines will help them cut costs, meeting the growing demand from consumers.

According to IDC, Xiaomi is the most popular smartphone brand in India. However, Xiao Me is facing complaints about waiting times for shipments, especially Redmi Note 7, the company’s latest smartphone.

In 2006, Motorola tested the “Instantmoto” vending machines, but the method was sprayed and quickly forgotten.

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