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How to use Google Maps to share places with friends, find each other in the middle of a chaotic life

Have you ever sat at a restaurant but the directions are forever and you guys can’t find you? Have you ever found a beautiful place to travel but don’t have an address so it’s hard to show you how to come and enjoy it? Google Maps will help you solve this problem with real-time location sharing, both for Android and iOS.

How to use your location sharing feature for others with Google Maps
Open the Google Maps app> click on the menu icon to display three tiles
Click Share my location
Choose who you want to share, click Continue
You will be asked to share time, usually 1 hour is enough for most cases
Click Share, immediately your friend’s phone will receive a notification and they will immediately click on it to see your location on the map.
As you move, shared people will also see you move along, and know your current exact location to run for ease.
If you need directions, friends can press the button right on the interface for Google Maps to find the way right away, you do not need to enter the address to search manually.
That’s all, super simple but super helpful. Having fun

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