Must be fast with Tiepz: 8 Golden Rules when taking photos with a lomo camera

1. Bring your camera anywhere
That’s right, that’s all you need to bring with you, a pocket-sized, ultra-lightweight, film-ready film camera. You won’t have to worry about forgetting movies at home or putting movies into the machine while you’re having fun at the party.


2. Use any time – day or night
Simple cameras equipped with flash, you can even add color filters when shooting special lomo types.


3. Lomography does not confuse you and will always be a part of your life
Imagine you are clumsy in a corner, trying to fit the film into the camera while everyone is eagerly waiting for you to give them a picture. The pre-installed film helps you capture the scene and take it immediately!


4. Try shooting from seemingly strange camera angles
“Strange” camera angles are not a problem for this type of machine. It fits neatly in your hand, so you can try holding the device to the side … then hips, from the top of the tree upside down, … any idea you have.


5. Approach the subject you want to capture as close as possible
The lomo looks very cute, so people can approach and ask you, “Is this a real camera?” Can I review the photos? What do you have to wait for photos to be coated and scanned? ”This is also a good time for you to capture the curious faces of people.


6. Don’t think (William Firebrace)
… just shoot! Even a child can use this machine, it is easy and noisy. During the holiday or the next party, buy some like this and give it to family and friends. So everyone can enjoy lomo photography like you.


7. Must be fast
A lot of moments can happen in a short minute, so it must be fast when something catches your attention. With the lomo, capturing every moment is not difficult at all. You just aim and shoot and keep an eye on the next thing.


8. You don’t need to know in advance what you’ve taken through the film.
Live the whole moment, record the picture on the film and forget it. Maybe friends will ask you if they can review the photo you just taken, a good opportunity for you to show off about film photography. Or better yet, give them the experience of the device you are holding.

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