So Easy by TiepzTechnology: 3 steps to help you fix your lost voice on your computer

Surely many of you when using window 10 inevitably have a beautiful day when your beloved computer sounds no longer active, it keeps quiet and looks at everything the same as before, or plugged in. phone on the headphone jack and the speaker still speaks as usual. Don’t be bewildered and worried today Phuc Anh will guide you to handle this case with just 3 very simple steps
Since the process of updating Windows 10 to a new version leads to the situation that the audio driver on the computer also updates and wrong version, the sound on the device does not work or does not function properly.

How to fix:

Step 1: Remove the audio driver available on your computer
Right-click This PC => Manage => Device manager => Sound, video and game controllers => Click on the audio driver installed on your computer and select Unistall device

In the Uninstall dialog box, select Delete the driver …… then click Uninstall

Step 2: Click Yes to restart the computer

Step 3: Start up and review the audio back, and go to the manufacturer’s home page to download the audio driver properly and reinstall the setup and next steps: D
Hopefully with this article you will be able to overcome the sound phenomenon on your computer without having to search or find out to lose time and money.

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