These accessories Q863T8 look weird but also useful for smartphones

1. Turn smartphones into … desk phones

Have you ever remembered the era of old dial-up telephones? Just plug in this phone headset accessory and the memory will come back to life. The twisted wire is also a very nostalgic highlight. It also has a Bluetooth version for smartphones without 3.5mm jacks, but without a cord, it’s not “old-fashioned”.


2. Using cassettes with smartphones, why not?

Many childhoods must have been associated with cassette players used to listen to music tapes, comedy tapes or listen to radio. This accessory is exactly what you need to “revitalize”, you can attach the smartphone, then put the cassette in the tray, then transfer the contents of the tape to an MP3 file.


3. Accessories for meteorological lovers

If you like to go to the beach, or work with meteorological measurements, this accessory is also quite useful despite the somewhat localized design. This is an accessory that helps you measure the wind power of your surroundings, using it simply by plugging in your ears to listen.


4. Like live stream when singing? It is this dish

You love to sing and often live stream for everyone to watch, but holding your phone live is both difficult and not beautiful, this is the solution, SoloCam is a special selfie stick with microphone in the handle, you will Looks like a camera is facing straight while singing, like a singer.


5. Turn your phone into a classic camera, with a QWERTY keyboard

Finally the + foto.sosho product chain for iPhone 4, 4s and 5. They have the same design as a mini camera with QWERTY keyboard that slides out when used and also supports lens replacement.

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