Tiepz Details 65 new features in iOS 13 you need to know

I have codified all 65 updates of IOS 13 at the present time for you to easily monitor in Vietnamese. There are a lot of updates, I just listed it here for you. 
More specific and detailed, wait for us to update and use the facts and share each one again in the following articles. 

Improve problems in Maps 
Prediction from typing Vietnamese 
Block senders in Mail 
Select languages ​​for each app 
Mode does not disturb when driving with CarPlay Lightmode
mode in CarPlay Identify switching back and forth without disturbing while driving Car Prediction from typing Cantonese Keyboard supports 22 official languages ​​of India

Adding 38-language keyboards 
Improving Dual Sim 

Call Mode Performance Facetime DualSIM Call 
Managing Notes in Folders 
More Siri Shorcuts in Home Automations 
Improving QR code scanning 
Low Data 
Set achievements reading books Apple Books 
View app Independent CarPlay 
Customize the list interface Reminders 
Predict from Arabic 
Vietnamese – English Dictionary 
Reorganize the device control in Home 
Conversation Siri Shortcuts 

Control Location information when sharing 
Hey Siri photos in Carplay 
Select Wifi in 
the Swedish Center for Prediction Control 
Improved image search in Photos
New system font in India 
Bluetooth information splitter 
Transfer strange numbers through silence 
Weak password warning 
Support for adjusting the screen of Carplay 

Siri suggestions in Safari 
Add attachments to calendar events 
Extension Single sign-on 
Support 2nd video stream in Carplay 
Improve language settings 
Search Notes more efficiently 
Mute a thread mail 
Suggestions for chat 
Automatic Airplays 2 speakers in Home 
Option to load heavy applications via mobile network 
Improve Maps Place Card 
Secure when the device Enroll more modern 

Carplay supports many strange screen sizes 
Optimize the charging process
Add a relational card in Contacts 
Improve fingerprint protection in Safari 
Data splitting by BYOD 
Thai dictionary – English 
Suggestion Siri in Apple Podsast
Optimize video download for congestion Indian 
Adjust keyboard height 
Dolby Atmos Chinese Media Player 
Siri English Voice Press 

Mode to watch in notes only when sharing with 
iMessage in Dual SIM 
Prediction from 
Hindi and Hindi language keyboard 
Update Safari 
Management page for Apple ID for business 
Add checklist options in Notes 
Add Apple News + in UK and Australia 
Siri suggests events from 3rd apps

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