Tiepz Links to download iOS 13 beta, invite brothers to make white mice

I have compiled links to download iOS 13 beta for iDevice devices after WWDC event 2019 last night. Unlike the usual year, this year, Apple did not release beta profile for us to update, so we will have to update via iTunes and the computer with the ipsw file. Currently I am pulling for X version and also cannot test all the links. Sophisticated brothers who like to scratch the bar, if you want to test for heat, you can refer to the link below. The update has a build number of 17A5492t, wish you happy. You need to always get new macOS beta 10.15. Then connect to the Mac, you will see the iPhone settings section in the Finder and not iTunes anymore. You press Option and Update to select the downloaded file and upload it. Link download beta for macOS here:


If the download limit is exceeded, please see the instructions in this article, very simple: Instructions on how to download the file “limited number of downloads” on Google Drive . 

Note, please remember to back up important data to prevent any uncertainty. There is no guarantee that the new beta is not at fault, I am not responsible for losses related to your data



iPad Mini:

iPod Touch:


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