TiepzTechnology News: Google stopped cooperating with Huawei, the phone will not receive updates

Recently, between the US and China, there has been a tension in technology, typically strong actions from the US government. Most recently, Google has actually shown that this is no joke when officially withdrawing Huawei’s license to use and use Android, which is no different from a strong blow to the brand.

It is known that Google’s decision was followed to comply with high-level regulations, when Huawei was listed as a company banned from purchasing technology from US companies.

Huawei products have just suffered a fatal blow from the US.

Prior to that, Huawei had also undergone numerous investigations and suspicions about many of the big doubts, particularly concerned that their devices could be used by the Chinese government to spy on important information. America. From 2018, US intelligence agencies warned against using devices from Huawei and ZTE. American politicians describe Huawei as the powerful arm of the Chinese government.

Current Huawei product users can still download and use the app available on Google Play Store, but future untapped devices are not so lucky. In addition, there will still be new directives that are more likely to be released, so the entire current users of Huawei are not necessarily “100% safe”.

Up to now, Huawei devices will definitely not be able to update to newer Android operating systems (if any), and in the future, it will completely block Play Store, Gmail and YouTube services. Google added: “Huawei will only be able to access and use publicly available Android versions, not receiving priority or other proprietary cooperation from Google.”


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