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TiepzTricks and Tricks to listen to music properly on Spotify

Spotify is a huge online music library with lots of genres of music, thousands of playlists to listen to, and a lot to explore. Here are some tips for us to listen to and discover new music on Spotify more effectively, after a while of using it, I found new music discovery to be a strong point of this service.


Spotify has a box for us to type the name of the song, singer … to find it, but there is a more advanced and accurate way to find, for example, you want to search by genre or release year of the album for example. Still the search engine, but just adding keywords is a more accurate result.
year: – for example year: 1971-1975 is that it will produce the results of the music within those years, remember to write immediately without spaces.
genre: – search by genre, for example genre: jazz or genre: chill is going to make songs of that genre.
label: – search by label.
AND: – combine two keywords, for example year: 2000 AND genre: jazz
OR: – find two or more keywords but the result is one of those keywords.
Try: Britney Spears year: 2009 AND genre: jazz

You are surprised with Spotify, this is what will help you. Basically, although there is a radio name, it is not a radio station we listen to everyday, it is a tool for you to discover music related to what you are listening to, including good songs and playlists. album To start, listen to any song or any album, then select Menu (3 dots on the upper right corner) and select Radio access or Go to radio by artist.

At that time, many songs that according to Spotify are related to the song you are listening to will appear, it is not the same song of the artist who is singing but the genre is similar and is being heard once, you will know more. many new music. This feature is especially useful when you want to listen to a song similar to the song you are listening to and play it continuously without caring about the appropriate music.


After having used Spotify for a while, the system will select and assign the music that we hear during that time to make it: For you (Made for you). From the homepage, you scroll down and notice that you will see this item, starting with a playlist called Weekly Discover (Your Discover Weekly), just as the name suggests, it is for you to discover new and refreshed tracks. on every Monday (i.e. there will be new tracks added automatically, or deleted by yourself).

If you find that this playlist does not correctly suggest the types of music you want to listen to, then drag it to the next page and you will see another playlist named: New Release (Release Radar), which is the new song released in both English and Vietnamese. In addition, you also have 6 other playlists named Daily Mix 1 to 6, it will aggregate all the music you have listened to and made into a complete playlist, full of artists. It is not about any genre because with its Vietnamese music playlist it puts both young music and golden music together. English is more ok.


During the listening process, you can save a lot of playlists that you feel good but then for some reason you delete it and now want to retrieve it. Listening to music is an emotion, but at some point you will recall the old playlist due to the mood at that time, for example, Spotify has a way to recover deleted playlists.
From the web browser on your computer, go to: https://www.spotify.com/vn-en/account/overview/
Log in
Choose Recover playlists
Find a playlist you want to restore and select Restore

Spotify offers a wide range of music quality options and if possible (don’t mind mobile data, 4G connectivity, strong WiFi …) then you should choose the highest quality. From the Spotify app on your computer or phone, go to settings and select Music Quality. There, Spotify allows us to choose music streams at low levels to very high levels, including auto-suggested mode, I choose very high. You can also choose download quality music at 3 different levels.

According to the explanation, it is very high music equivalent of 320Kbps and low is 24Kbps. 320Kpbs music is only equivalent to other online music services, not too high.


Also in the settings section, you can turn on Car mode to listen to music and control music while driving a car. When this mode is turned on and you connect your phone to listen to music via Bluetooth in the car, the Now Playing interface will change to be optimized for driving and control with font size and icons. Bigger, just keep the most basic buttons like stop / play, select random play.

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