Voigtlander officially sells Nokton 21mm f/1.4 Aspherical lenses for Sony E cameras for only $1099 Tiepz Camera

At CP + 2019 event in Yokohama in early March, Voigtlander showed Nokton 21mm f / 1.4 Aspherical lens for mirrorless full-frame cameras and Sony E yesterday, they announced that they will distribute lenses This is for $ 1099 from June this year. According to the manufacturer, the Nokton 21mm f / 1.4 Aspherical lens is designed with mount electronic contact circuits to transmit EXIF ​​data to the camera when mounted on the camera body. The distance information the machine receives from the lens is compatible with the machine’s 5-axis anti-shake system. When the focus ring is rotated on this manual focus lens body, the camera body focus assist mode is activated. The aperture works smoothly, without jumping step by step, it is an advantage for filming without noise.

Nokton 21mm f / 1.4 Aspherical lens is priced at $ 1099

Nokton 21mm f / 1.4 Aspherical lens has an optical structure of 13 laminated glass layers in 11 groups, of which 3 layers of low-impact glass and 2 front and rear aspherical lens elements of the optical system of the tube glass to reduce aberration, limit image distortion, give images sharp and true color. The lens with the 12 largest openable leaves is f / 1.4 to f / 16. The closest focusing distance of this lens is 25cm. The body of the lens is made of metal so the weight is up to 560g with a diameter and the length measured 70.5mm x 79.5mm. In addition, the lens can use filter paper with 62mm diameter.

Nokton 21mm f / 1.4 lens for Sony ngam E camera

Chart and parameters of Nokton lens 21mm f / 1.4

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