Which is why Apple cannot produce computers in the United States 20 employees Tiepz

The reason seems unreasonable but is true for Apple, when even US partners can not produce the screws according to Apple standards.

Despite the escalating US-China war and warnings from President Trump, asking Apple to start manufacturing their computers and devices in the US, it seems that “defective Apple” will not be able to carry Their production line back home.

And tiny screws are the reason

In 2012, Timothy D. Cook, Apple CEO appeared on television in the golden hour to announce that Apple will produce Mac computers in the US. This will be the first Apple product produced by American workers after years and the high-end Mac Pro will go on sale with unusual words: “Assembled in the US”.

But when Apple started producing $ 3,000-priced computers at its Austin, Texas factory, they encountered a rather rare problem. Specifically, according to three employees working in the Austin project, Apple had difficulty finding enough supplies of screws for Mac computers. These employees share information with a request to hide identity.

In China, Apple has a number of partners with the ability to produce large quantities of Apple’s required screws in a short time. But in Texas, where everything is bigger, it turns out there aren’t any screw suppliers.

The process of testing new versions of Mac computers has been hampered by a mechanical workshop with 20 employees that Apple relies on can only produce up to 1,000 screws a day.

Lack of screws is one of the few issues that delayed the delivery date of American-made Mac computers for months, anonymous employees shared. By the time the Mac was ready for large-scale production, Apple had to order screws from China.

Texas challenges illustrate the problems Apple will face if they try to bring a large volume of production lines out of China. With the Texas lesson, Apple discovered that no country – certainly including the United States – could match China in both size, skill, infrastructure and production costs.






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